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When asked, our clients gave the following reasons:

  • The company is responsive.
  • They comprehend my unique requirements.
  • MWI carries an excellent industry track record.
  • They provide extensive manufacturing abilities.
  • I'm certain in their commitment to deliver on time.
  • The high quality of their products and solutions.
  • Metal Werks delivers excellent customer support.

Listed below are some of the questions most asked of Metal Werks Inc.

Dimensional prints provide us not just with the measurements of the component, but also the assembly, metal kind, metal thickness, hardware, finish, and much more reliable information.

The print below illustrates a dimensional print:
Fabrication print
Download a Sample Dimensional Print.
If you have a physical prototype or a hand drawing bring it by our office and we will be pleased to discuss your options. Please give us a call to arrange an appointment at 360-651-0300.
A medium run of components could be around 500-1,000 pieces for each order. Everything greater than 1,000 would certainly be a substantial run.
Yes we do. We have over 110 years of combined experience in the sheet metal manufacturing industry and are able to spot any possible problems in new products therefore reducing "time to market" for your project.
No Metal Werks, Inc is not certified but we are ISO 9001 compliant.
To request a quote you need to include the following:

1. Expected turnaround time
2. Quantities for current quote
3. Any special requirements
4. Full dimensional print, PDF or prototype sample Download a Sample Dimensional Print.
5. Company information, contact person and phone number
6. If you do not have a print, pdf or prototype please contact us for assistance 1-360-651-0300
No, we do not manufacture parts for the HVAC industry.
No we do not serve this market.
We do welding on products we fabricate. We do not weld on vehicles or on site jobs.