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Laser Cutting

High Speed laser cutting know-how to fabricate sheet metal parts has become instrumental in the fabrication industry.

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Metal Punching

MWI turret punches have a wide range of hole and forming capabilities with usually no tooling cost.

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CNC Forming

Be it tight tolerance curves, radii, or bump forming, our team is qualified to do just about any bend.

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We assist our clients to reconstruct their pre-existing designs and separate out problems in new releases.

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Fabrication Welding

We can handle the most complex weldments, from production runs to close tolerance weldments.

Mig and TIG Welding

Metal Finishing

MWI supplies Wet Paint, Chemflim, Powder Coating, Zinc and Anodizing as well as Silk Screening.

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Short Run Manufacturing

Efficient low-volume production with some of the shortest lead times in the industry. Metal Werks offers rapid short-run and prototype fabrication for any quantity, with no geometric constraints.

Production Manufacturing

Large-volume production runs for any project. Rapid laser cutting and forming allow for consistent, reliable production scheduling. CNC laser cutting provides ultra fast, high-volume with little to no finishing required.

The Manufacturing Process


Quality Fabrication Solutions

Laser cutting, punching, forming, tube bending and welding are just a small sampling of the custom sheet metal services we offer. Metal Werks principal mission is to provide the manufacturing industry with quality precision sheet metal solutions throughout the Seattle, WA area.

Metal Werks has developed a unique program approach designed to improve out comes for our clients. To achieve that goal. We work closely with each client. As to better understand the distinctive challenges involved in their custom metal fabrication project. This involves meeting all the specifications for tolerances provided by the customer. With our internal quality check procedure in place. We ensure the uniformity in the production of custom precision metal components.

See a list of some of the materials we use in manufacturing.

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Taking a project from design to prototype ready for production.

Prototyping Process

Production Runs

Production runs can be a small amount to thousands of parts.

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Project Management

We take your project from prototype to production.

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Riveting is the process of fastening two pieces of metal together.

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Hardware Insertion

Insertion is pressing hardware into the metal part.

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Spot Welding

Spot welding is another form of affixing two pieces of metal together.

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A technique where a fastener is welded onto a metal part.

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Vinyl Signage

A design or lettering made of vinyl applied to the metal.

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Database Management

We have the most up to date software programs for the bests product results.

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Process where metal is pass between rolls for a continuous bending operation.

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Metal Shearing

Shearing is the cutting of sheet metal without the formation of chips.

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Tube Rolling

Metal tube is passed through rolls to form a continuous coil.

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Graining is a practice of giving metal a grained finish.

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Deburring is where all the rough edges are removed to a metal part.

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Silk Screening

A metal part can be silk screened with a logo or just about any thing.

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Manufactured Parts