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Shrinking and Stretching Methods Used in Sheet Metal Manufacturing in Washington

Much of sheet metal manufacturing in Washington involves cutting metal, but there are some instances in which other processes may need to be used to create the desired final product. Among those processes, is shrinking metal. Several different processes may be used for shrinking metal.

Understanding Processes Used in Sheet Metal Fabrication in Seattle

As part of the process for sheet metal fabrication in Seattle, a variety of different processes may be used in order to create the desired final product. Among those processes is rolling forming. This process refers to a continual bending process in which coil, sheet metal, or strips of metal pass through rolls that then form the metal. For large production runs, this process is generally considered the most efficient.

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Stainless steel fabrication in Seattle is rapidly gaining in popularity. This is largely because stainless steel can be fabricated using a variety of different fabrication methods. Austenitic grades of stainless steel are particularly suitable for fabrication. For example, austenitic grades can be spun, roll formed, and hot and cold forced. With the use of a strong force, they can also be folded and bent, thanks to the work hardening rate and high strength of stainless steel.

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Taking Advantage of Custom Metal Fabrication in Seattle

Whether you need one piece or a large batch of metal parts, custom metal fabrication in Seattle can provide the ideal solution for your needs. Utilizing various lasers, punches, and saws, a custom metal fabrication shop can cut your selected metal into the specific sizes that you require for your latest project.

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Sheet metal fabricators in Seattle have noticed that the number of manufacturers and builders requesting sheet metal fabrication is on the rise. Much of this growth has come about as the construction industry has finally begun to make its way out of the recession and the economy has begun to expand. Sheet metal, known as a reliable, strong product, can be used in a variety of areas of the construction industry, including using it as guttering and for roofing. In order to obtain the highest quality products, the services of an experienced sheet metal fabricator in Seattle are a necessity.

Sheet Metal Fabricators in Washington Consider a Variety of Factors

Sheet metal refers to metal that has been formed into sheets of various thickness. The typical range of thickness for sheet metal varies from 7 gauge, which is .180 inches thick, to 26 gauge, which is .018 inches thick. When sheet stock is thicker than .180 inches, it is referred to as plate. Sheet metal fabricators in Washington use a variety of processes, including extruding, hammering, and rolling to give metal a flat, even surface. A variety of different types of metals may be used for forming sheet metal, such as tin, aluminium, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, and brass. While not common, even precious metals such as gold and silver can be formed into sheet metal. Sheet metal fabricators in Washington often use processes that involve cutting, bending, and assembling in order to create a product that meets the customer's desired specifications.

Processes Involved in Stainless Steel Fabrication in Seattle

The stainless steel material used for stainless steel fabrication in Seattle is available in a variety of sizes and shapes, such as flats, plates, sheets, rods, rounds, wires, and tubes. In order to fabricate various products, numerous different processes must often be employed in stainless steel fabrication. Such processes may include shearing, bending, cutting, polishing, grinding, welding, and assembling. Cutting processes may be performed with tools as simple as shears or with a variety of other equipment, including saws and press brakes. Gas cutting and laser cutting equipment are also frequently used in order to achieve the desired cut.